Simple ADAPT

A simple and cost-efficient solution that significantly reduce operators operational and HSE risks, and CO2 emissions during subsea tubing hanger installation or retrieval.

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Up to 30 working hours of red zone work eliminated.

Up to 8 hours of rig time savings per well.

Less deck space, fewer rental items and reduced shipping costs.


Traditionally an umbilical from surface is required to operate the Tubing Hanger Running Tool (THRT) during Tubing Hanger (TH) installation or retrieval. The Simple ADAPT removes the umbilical from the equipment list.

Our solution is an adapter positioned on top of the existing THRT, operating the THRT functions without the use of an umbilical.

  • Compatible with all THRT suppliers
  • Remotely operated using the BOP rams and choke/kill lines
  • Flexible design suits all BOP configurations
  • Plug and play functionality of field proven components
  • No need for wired drill pipe or other additional communication path
  • No personnel (remote support)

Operational procedure:

  • Make-up Simple ADAPT to THRT and TH onshore

  • Move to drill floor as one assembly

  • RIH on pipe and land TH in wellhead

  • Operate THRT by closing BOP rams sequentially and pressuring up different cavities

  • Simple ADAPT offers redundancy and fail-safe mechanisms

  • POOH and re-dress Simple ADAPT offshore

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